2023 Special Assessment Meeting

The Special Assessment for Road Replacement was held last night, January 24, 2023 at the VFW Hall on US-1. Quorum was not acheived for this meeting, so no decision was made in regards to the special assessment.

In order to achieve quorum for the purpose of a special assessment, Florida law requires the following:

60% of all deeded homeowners either attend the meeting OR send in their proxy vote that was sent to their home address.

There are 196 homes in Honeybrook Plantation, so there needed to be either proxy votes or attendees totaling 118 for quorum & those votes to count. There were slightly less then 100 proxies/attendees in total.

What Happens Next

Since quorum wasn’t achieved, the next step, per Florida law is to request another Special Assessment Meeting within 60 days of last night’s meeting. Therefore, this meeting must be held no later then March 24, 2023. To achieve quorum for the second meeting, a minimum of 50% of the previously required 60% of homeowners must either send in their proxy OR attend the meeting.

Questions About the Special Assessment

All homeowners who attended the meeting last night were given 2 minutes to either ask questions about the assessment OR to voice an opinion. Some questions were answered last night. The Board wrote down many of the questions & will answer them in a letter to be included in the next request for a meeting to vote on this Special Assessment.

Correction: In the “What Happens Next” paragraph, it incorrectly stated that a quorum of the second meeting required 50% of all homeowners or proxy votes. This was incorrect. The current statement of “50% of the previously required 60%” is what Florida law states. Our apologies for the error.