March Monthly Meeting

The monthly meeting of the Honeybrook Plantation Homeowner’s Association will be held on Tuesday, March 14th at 7pm. The meeting will be at the VFW Hall located just north of Post Road, on the west side of US-1. The address is Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8191, 4130 N Harbor City Blvd, Melbourne, FL 32935.

Meeting topics include the treasure’s report, code violations & open business. You may read the meeting agenda on the Meeting Agenda page on this site.

2023 Special Assessment Meeting

The Special Assessment for Road Replacement was held last night, January 24, 2023 at the VFW Hall on US-1. Quorum was not acheived for this meeting, so no decision was made in regards to the special assessment.

In order to achieve quorum for the purpose of a special assessment, Florida law requires the following:

60% of all deeded homeowners either attend the meeting OR send in their proxy vote that was sent to their home address.

There are 196 homes in Honeybrook Plantation, so there needed to be either proxy votes or attendees totaling 118 for quorum & those votes to count. There were slightly less then 100 proxies/attendees in total.

What Happens Next

Since quorum wasn’t achieved, the next step, per Florida law is to request another Special Assessment Meeting within 60 days of last night’s meeting. Therefore, this meeting must be held no later then March 24, 2023. To achieve quorum for the second meeting, a minimum of 50% of the previously required 60% of homeowners must either send in their proxy OR attend the meeting.

Questions About the Special Assessment

All homeowners who attended the meeting last night were given 2 minutes to either ask questions about the assessment OR to voice an opinion. Some questions were answered last night. The Board wrote down many of the questions & will answer them in a letter to be included in the next request for a meeting to vote on this Special Assessment.

Correction: In the “What Happens Next” paragraph, it incorrectly stated that a quorum of the second meeting required 50% of all homeowners or proxy votes. This was incorrect. The current statement of “50% of the previously required 60%” is what Florida law states. Our apologies for the error.

Error in Coupon Books

A Letter from the HOA Board to all members of the community

Dear Homeowner,

RE: 2023 Dues Coupons and Budget

The 2023 HOA dues coupon and annual budget was recently sent out had couple of errors that are requiring new coupons to be created and sent out. The amount due on the coupon was $176.98, but should have been $162.75. Also, on the budget we had increases (like most of us are paying for our daily living costs) in categories like utilities, and lawn care. On the budget to adjust for these increases in costs we have allocated less than the previous year. That was not reflected on the original budget that was sent out.

I have confirmed with the management company that If you have already paid your dues based on the incorrect coupons your over payment of $14.23 will be held on your account, and applied to the July balance. Should you have any questions please reach out to me at and I will do my best to answer your questions.

We sincerely apologize for any confusion this has caused.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors

Thank You

Delbert Whiting

Treasurer Honeybrook Plantation Homeowners Association

2023 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Honeybrook Plantation Homeowner’s Association will be on Tuesday, January 10th at 6:30pm. The meeting will be held at the VFW Hall located just north of Post Road, on the west side of US-1. The address is 4130 N Harbor City Blvd, Melbourne, FL 32935. This important meeting will cover the following topics:

  • Election of the 2023 Board of Directors
  • Upcoming Road Project
  • Proposed Special Assessment

Election of Board

Our current board president, Jim Vita, has decided to step down from this position. Any current, deeded homeowner, living in the Honeybrook Plantation community who is up to date on their HOA fees & assessments may run for this or any other office on the Board. Jim will remain on the Board as a director, but due to his job restraints, cannot remain as board president.

All other offices are also open to anyone who chooses to run. If you are interested, be sure to attend the Annual Meeting on January 10th.

Upcoming Road Project

The Board got the entrance to the community, along with all of Riverside Drive & the intersection of Plantation Drive & Silver Oak Drive repaved in 2021. It did deplete much of our entire account to do so. With the rising cost of asphalt & inflation, we asked for a new proposal to repave the remainder of the community. The cost of the project has been discussed at the December HOA meeting. We will discuss further how to move forward with this important issue.

Proposed Special Assessment

A Special Assessment is being proposed to pay for the repaving of the roads. Please be sure to attend the Annual Meeting if you have questions about this issue.

Monthly Meeting

The regular January HOA meeting will immediately follow the Annual Meeting.

HOA Dues Coupon Books Delayed

Black white photo of a suburban neighborhood with trees

Due to a printing error at Space Coast Property Mgmt, the 2021 HOA Dues Coupon books are delayed. SCPM has reprinted the books, and they should be mailing out soon. The HOA Board apologizes for the error, inconvenience & any confusion. The Board also thanks everyone for their patience.

Riverside Rd Roadwork

The long awaited roadwork for the Honeybrook Plantation community is going to start with Riverside Road, which is in greatest need of repair as assessed by the engineer hired for the project. The project will be started on Monday, January 18, 2021 and completed by Friday, January 22, 2021.

Residents of Riverside Road and any homes adjacent to Riverside Road along Hickory Creek Dr., Honeybrook Creek Dr., Silver Oak Blvd., Plantatation Dr., or HIckory Dr. are asked the following:

  • No parking on Riverside Road for the duration of the construction project.
  • Any car parked on Riverside Road will be towed at the owners’ expense.
  • Avoid leaving cars in driveways to avoid damage from construction.

Construction Company NOT liable for damage that may occur

It is important for all homeowners to note that the construction company, nor the HOA is responsible for damage done to cars that are left in the driveways either along Riverside Road or on any property adjacent to Riverside Road. Please be sure to store your cars either in your garage OR offsite of the construction. Parking along the streets on Hidden Creek Rd, especially by the community park will be allowed during the duration of the construction project.

No Heavy Vehicle Traffic

During the construction, the following services to our community will be impacted:

  • Mail Delivery – Mail delivery may be interrupted. Please contact the Post Office to arrange for mail pickup at the Post Office if needed. Please use this link to schedule a Mail Hold & Pickup at the Post Office
  • Garbage Pickup – there will be no garbage pickup until Friday, January 22, 2021. Please plan accordingly.
  • School Bus Pickup – School bus pickup will be at the intersection of US-1 & Silver Oak Blvd for the full week of the construction. PLEASE NOTE: You cannot park on Riverside or the adjacent roads while waiting for the school bus. You must either park on the side of US-1 itself, or walk up with your children to meet the bus. Parking on Riverside or adjacent roads can lead to damage to car.

HOA Meeting

There is a meeting this Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 6:30pm to discuss this project, hold the Annual Meeting with passage of the budget & election of Board members. If you have questions or concerns about this project or would like more information, please be sure to attend. The meeting will be held at the VFW Post on US-1, just north of Post Road.

2021 Annual HOA Board Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Honeybrook Homeowners’ Association Board and Board elections will be held on Tuesday, January 12th at 6:30pm. The meeting will be held at the VFW Post 8191, located at 4130 N Harbor City Blvd, Melbourne FL 32935.

The meeting will include the election of the Homeowners’ Board. If you are interested in serving on the Board, please be sure to attend. Any deeded homeowner of the Honeybrook Plantation community, in good standing, with no outstanding association fees due or infractions is eligible to serve. There are currently two Board Directors positions open on the Board.

Service to the Board involves attending the monthly meetings, usually held on the second Tuesday of each month, responding to a few emails each month, and assisting with community projects every now and then.

If the Board fails to seat enough members, then the community could go into receivership, where all decisions about the community will be made by a court appointed receiver. In the interest of the community, the Board would like to avoid this possibility by filling the vacant positions.

If you have any questions, please jot them down & come to the meeting. There is always time allotted for community questions.